Olympics 2012

I have been very cynical about the Olympics in London. all talk has been about ‘London’ and nothing about the rest of the country that is forking out the tax pounds to pay for it. But then you watch what a magnificent job Danny Boyle did with his £27million.

In the run up it is all sponsorship this and sponsorship that, and let’s be fair the companies sponsoring the games are just out to make money and nothing else, despite what their PR firms say. At the same time though, they have no control over the actual games and ceremony.

I was very happily impressed by the opening ceremony and feel genuinely proud of being from this great country. It could have easily slipped into being a celebration of London, which would have righteously pissed me off, but was from the very start a celebration of the entire country. Until we got to the modern music section, very little was felt of “London” – rather it was more of a “Britain”. Perhaps in these times of separating states we should think more about everything the lot of us has been through and stick it to the rest of the world as a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland who should once again stand proud on the International stage.

Keto Diet – Thoughts after day 1

Me and the mrs started a keto diet on Sunday evening. I read up on the pros & cons, the arguments for & against and drew my own conclusions based on science rather than misconceptions sold by the food industry. A lot of boxes were ticked when thinking about the keto diet and our lifestyle and it seems spot on. As with all diets you have to cut out things that you like but at least with this one you can still eat tasty food without worrying about the fat content. Cutting out breads, pastas, chips and beans is more a challenge of creativity than anything else.

I won’t go into the details of the keto diet just yet – basically it is high fat, medium protein and very little carbs. Carbs being the bad guy here.

So anyway, we started with tea on Sunday and now have done a full day and I think it is a diet that I could get used to.

Chicken filled with smokey bacon, cheese and chilli. Served with omelette.

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs with a little cheese and black pepper.
Lunch: Chunks of cheese, 5 slices of salami, 2 chicken drumsticks.
Tea: Chicken topped with cheese and spring onion. Served with mushroom omelette.

Thoughts so far…

The menu always sounds good – bacon, cheese, eggs, meats, more eggs.

Shopping for food has changed – I have found that the supermarket own-brand products (not just value ranges, any of their own stuff) are packed full of carbs for no reason other than being cheaper.  I have compared the branded stuff with own-brand equivalents and found that the carb content in the own-brand products is generally double! Asda’s Chosen By You Mayonnaise has exactly double the carbs that Hellmanns does. Even when the ingredients list is the same, the carbs are always higher. Obviously this makes shopping a little pricier but there are ways around it of course – depending on how fast we end up going through the food stocks then I can rethink the shopping list to make it as cost effective as possible.

Making everything fresh, rather than using jars of sauce or processed food in tins, just generally feels better. I am paying attention to what we eat.

Ketosis hasn’t kicked in yet (need to give it a week or so) but I am mentally feeling better for being on a diet I am actually willing to stick to, be creative with and hopefully be a lot healthier on so I can give a middle finger to the corrupt food industry making us fat.