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Confusing Timelines

I’m getting quite mixed up with my fiction timelines lately. I have really gotten into the Wizard In Rhyme series of books by Christopher Stasheff. They feature a guy called Matthew who gets transported from our world into an alternate universe where magic and religion are prominent. It is set in a pretty much standard medieval era, as is the case with many of the wizard type books. As Matthew is aware of science, physics, etc he has a different outlook that gives him stronger magic. In the first book he meets the other universes equivalent of The Black Knight, in this case known as Sir Guy de Toutarien. He summons a ‘demon’ that can mess with entropic forces on a molecular level. Matthew names him Max after the Maxwell equations of molecular stuff.

I have also started into a Michael Crichton book called Timeline. This features a company that invents a machine that can go sort of back in time but it really goes to our past in an alternate universe. In this book they go back to the 1300’s, run into The Black Knight, again called Sir Guy and there is reference again to Maxwell’s equations.

Both books deal with alternate universes with knights, medievalness and other bits and pieces. It’s getting quite confusing. Especially when you throw in watching Game Of Thrones which I have the e-books of but just cannot cope with starting until I have finished something

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