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First Post

Okay, so, I thought I would give the whole blog thing a go. Hopefully, this will prove to be a good outlet for what I want to say.

I have made more than a few attempts at launching a zombie-movie review website, always ending up with a functioning site that never actually gets any content because by the time I have coded the site I get bored. I havent watched any zombie films lately so I feel that putting a review on here yet would be doing a great disloyalty to a genre that I adore. I shall have to think aboutwhich film to do first and then do it justice.

That said, I cannot see myself only posting reviews of zombie films, so who knows. I have been reading a lot lately so may start with something about that.

I have read that the hardest thing about becoming a writer is overcoming the fear of putting pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – and just simply writing. When I was younger I wanted to write, but never got past a couple of simple notes before deciding that it seemed stupid and embarrassedly scrapped any evidence. Maybe getting used to writing things down where people can see will get me past any inhibitions I h. You never know, maybe I will end up actually writing that post-apocolyptic zombie survival horror novel after all.

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